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lingWAVES 4 High Speed Videoendoscopy (HSV)

True HSV Imaging Overcomes Videostroboscopy

lingWAVES 4 High Speed Videoendoscopy system with medical cart, touch screen, blue-white-luminace light system (USB connected power LED source and bright blue high performance light cable),fast streaming high speed camera, keyboard and mouse (rarely needed because of touch UI), workstation desktop and food pedal.
Streamed High Speed Video of the vocal folds with automatic segmentation of the Glottal Area, used for ...
... Glottal Area Waveform analysis.

High-speed videoendoscopy (HSV) captures the true intra-cycle vibratory behavior of the vocal folds based on high-speed-imaging, which allows for overcoming the limitations of videostroboscopy for more accurate objective quantification methods. High speed videoendoscopy overcomes the limitations of stroboscopy and offers a true and real view at the vocal folds.

The Problem with Stroboscopy

Video stroboscopy cannot examine intra-cycle changes or cycle-to-cycle variability, patient must be able to perform sustained phonation for pitch tracking, poor examination for onset/offset, poor usable for patients with aperiodic vibration/scar, muscle tension or spasmodic dysphonia, voice breaks, diplophonia, ... ๐Ÿ‘Ž

The Solution is High Speed Videoendoscopy (HSV)

Overcomes limitations of stroboscopy, full visualization and objective measurement of periodic AND aperiodic vibrations, visualize unstable phonatory characteristics, shows transient behaviors, phonatory breaks, laryngeal spasms, cough, onset/offset, throat-clearing, laughing, ... ๐Ÿ‘

Your new Product for HSV - lingWAVES 4 HSV

Overcomes limitations of the 2000s generation ✝, now: ✔ free from visually feature and gender degradation with > 7.000 fps (color, see Sample Galary), fast, faster, stream-fast processing with camera streaming technology ➹ and high resolution ❣

lingWAVES 4 HSV, a commercial available and tested system for high speed videoendoscopy, offers a wide range of valid, practical and clinical relevant information for laryngeal assessment based on modern streaming high speed capture technology. Take a look at our module gallery how it works with all the latest features for high speed videoendoscopy ...

Smart Hardware with Streaming Technology and Power LED

They were weight monsters in the past - high speed cameras. The new lingWAVES 4 HSV camera is a bird in the hand - with a weight of only 270g (0.59 lbs) it is the most smart camera available on the market, easy to hold in a hand.

This new camera uses streaming technology: In the past HSV cameras stored captured pictures within the memory of the camera with hardly 4 seconds recording time. Today we use Thunderbolt 3 streaming for a direct and real-time transfer of pictures to the computer memory. This enables customers to record 60 seconds and more - in high speed.

And the whole procedure starting from taking the video from a client, doing a report and saving data takes less than 10 minutes - a new time dimension in this field (in the past it tooks at least 45 - 90 minutes)

lingWAVES 4 HSV comes completely with a ready-to-run powerful workstation desktop and a modern LED light source for perfect illumination combined with an optimized rigid endoscope.

Camera and Light Source Specifications

Our high speed camera has a maximum resolution of 1.440 x 1.024 pixel - color. Full lens rigid endoscopy recordings are made at 4.000 fps. Higher frame rates are possible at lower resolution up to 8.000 fps.

A powerful LED light source is part of lingWAVES 4 HSV with long life LEDs (about 25.000h, up to 2.300 lumen, 6.500k) and bright blue high performance light cable. The light source is fully integrated using an USB connection into the lingWAVES 4 application for easy handling.

Modern Workflow Application

lingWAVES 4 HSV module is seamless integrated within the new developed lingWAVES 4 system with a fast access and encrypted patient database as well as workflow user interface for fast and reliable assessment work - see also lingWAVES 4 HSV Module Gallery ...

Automatic Glottal Area Waveform Analysis

Glottal area waveform (GAW) is the plot of glottal area versus time - with lingWAVES 4 HSV based on high-speed recordings showing the real vocal fold cycle. In cooperation with the University Hospital Erlangen and supported by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy WEVOSYS introduces the first commercial available automatic glottal area segmentation and analysis performed on the base of machine learning technology. Beside of the brilliant high speed imaging, lingWAVES 4 HSV customers will have also access to latest quantitative vocal fold analysis tools. 

Take a look on two ๐Ÿ‘‰ How To Videos ๐ŸŽž to see High Speed Recording in action and Glottal Area Waveform and Symmetry Analysis

Functions and features:

Take a look at high speed videoendoscopy samples: