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LWCAM - fullHD+/fullHD++ Camera for Endoscopy, Stroboscopy, FEES 


LWCAM blue 2. Generation. Outstanding performance date for high resolution recordings and picture imaging.

The new LWCAM from WEVOSYS offers unique features for endoscopy, stroboscopy and FEES recordings with a universal connecting system. 

Powerful Performance Data

The fullHD+/fullHD++ cameras use a modern USB 3.1 connection for flicker-free recording with up to 60 fps at fullHD+ 2.048 x 1.356 pixel - 2,8M pixel or fullHD++ version up to 60 fps at 2.448 x 2.048 pixel - 5,0M pixel - outstanding on the market of endoscopy cameras.

The LWCAM sensor is based on global shutter technology that allows endoscopy as well as stroboscopy recordings with high quality imaging. Global shutter reduces or eliminates unwanted image artifacts, which occur with traditional rolling shutter image sensors as a result of motion during image capture. The sensor’s global shutter and excellent low-light sensitivity allow it to be used especially for larynx recordings.

LWCAM comes with a HD video adapter usable with a wide range of rigid and flexible endoscopes.

High Resolution Square Based Endoscopy

LWCAM Y20M03 offers a special high resolution square based mode with nearly UHD dimension. The square format with 2.048 x 2.048 pixel takes optimized larynx images. Compared to HD format stretched to left and right, a square image increases also vertical resolution and with up to 60 frames per second you will get a real smooth video recording.

LWCAM Universal Connecting System

HD screen direct play for LWCAM without any software application.

A universal connecting system for all LWCAM fullHD+/++ cameras is available fulfilling different customer needs, starting from direct screen monitoring (without any software application) up to professional use with lingWAVES 4:

  1. Direct Screen Monitoring: LWCAM is connected directly to a monitor using a USB-to-HDMI converter
  2. LWCAM Viewer App: Each LWCAM can use the free available LWCAM Viewer App for real time display on a computer with recording and snap-shot function.
  3. lingWAVES 4: A professional system app for recording and reporting based on client management and database, see lingWAVES 4 ...

NEW: LWCAM with HD Screen Direct Play

If you are looking for a HD+ endoscopy camera without any software application, just for direct display on a HD screen - LWCAM is now also available with a small USB-to-HDMI converter. This small tool enables users to display LWCAM recording direct to any HD HDMI screen.

App for Windows 10 (free) or lingWAVES 4 professional

LWCAM cameras are available with a free app for real time display, video recording and snap shot function on Windows 10.

LWCAM comes with a free touch enabled app for Windows 10 with video recording and snap-shot function. Using the app you can snap pictures from a recording and use it for your own report creation.

Or you can use LWCAM with the professional lingWAVES 4 app with specialized modules for endoscopy, stroboscopy and FEES assessment and enhanced recording features like Highlight Reduction (HR), video recording, pre-post comparison, reporting ... .

Available Cameras

  • LWCAM fullHD+ (Y20M02): up to 2.048 x 1.536 pixel (fullHD+) with 60 fps, standard mode 1.980 x 1020 pixel (fullHD) with 30 fps, global shutter (enables stroboscopy recording), USB 3.1
  • LWCAM fullHD++ (Y20M03): up to 2.448 x 2.048 pixel (fullHD++) with 60 fps, standard mode 1.980 x 1020 pixel (fullHD) with 30 fps, global shutter (enables stroboscopy recording), USB 3.1, square based endoscopy

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