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lingWAVES Nasality

Nasality - Nasalance

The new mask system 2. generation with hand holder and easy cleaning cushion.

lingWAVES Nasality is a new high technology module within the lingWAVES voice and speech system for professional users. It is non-invasive nasality analysis system that gives feedback about the presence of nasality in speech production. It analysis also the degree of velopharyngeal opening during voiced speech - also known as nasalance.

Mask System 2. Generation

Compared to other traditional systems which have some form of plate separation between the mouth and nose, lingWAVES Nasality uses a new dual wall cushion nose mask with a hand holder for a higher acoustic separation between nose (nasal) and mouth (oral) signal. It also uses an Nasalance improved nasalance measurement algorithm.

The mask system 2. generation consists of a hand holder, microphone set and dual wall cushion. The cushion can easily be removed for cleaning and desinfection for each patient.

Nasalance Analysis & Display

lingWAVES Nasality with real time biofeedback display of nasalance. The norm data levels for nasalance can easily be adjusted for users depending on individual language and clinical needs.
Recording and analysis of nasality level and score combined with trend display for different sessions of a patient.

The insufficiency of velopharyngeal closure during vowels and sonorants that causes nasal resonance can be estimated and displayed for evaluation or biofeedback in speech training of the nasalance of the voice, with nasalance defined as a ratio of acoustic energy at the nares or nostrils to that at the mouth. lingWAVES Nasality offers both real time biofeedback and measurement and display of pre-post trends.


After starting the module, users can display clients’ nasalance level in real time represented by colored bar graph and sagittal head view for biofeedback exercises. This gives an clear and intuitive display for moni-toring velopharyngeal activity during speech.

Analysis & Trend

By switching to a analysis/trend display, users are able to record clients’ speech (e.g. syllable/word repetitions, passages, SNAP test for kids or any other internationally used standardized speech norm data). The application automatically calculates an instant easily interpretable and objective nasalance score for the whole recording or manually labeled parts of it. The nasal signal can be played back for clinical assessment.

Print out session results together with pre-post/trend analysis as hardcopy or PDF for client files.

lingWAVES - Acknowledged International Standard

After over 20 years of precense on the internationl market, lingWAVES is a highly acknowledged and recommended system for speeach and voice assessment, analysis and documentation. Take a look at recent articles with and about lingWAVES -> Knowledge

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